Tony Klein operates a premium service with no employees and, on an occasional basis, contracts with a few independent contractor process servers and licensed private investigators.

Prices and Terms

We specialize in special handling assignments and serve routine papers at a fee of $55+ per service in San Francisco, $65+ for services outside San Francisco. We are not cheap, but we are competitive. We are not set up to make multiple, pointless attempts serving routine papers. In lieu of making numerous attempts to serve evading defendants and judgment debtors, we often suggest alternative methods of service. We handle stakeouts at $65.00 per hour, which can get expensive; or we can assist in preparing an application and declaration supporting a special court order authorizing alternative service.

We are specialists – not factory workers. We do not take on, nor are we set up for large volume, flat-rated assignments. We do take on important specialized assignments and can facilitate and coordinate services at multiple locations, locally or nationally.

Our “Do Today” rate is $65 per hour + $.55 per mile. Special handling charges may apply for independent research or document preparation. We often refer routine services to other process servers and agencies. New and out-of-state requests must accompany fees or a credit card.

Process Service/Record Searches

We serve process throughout the San Francisco bay area, and work through affiliates both inside and outside California.

We conduct due diligence searches and prepare the application and proposed order that meet the requirements for service by publication (CCP § 415.50), service on a corporation by serving the Secretary of State (Corp. Code § 1702), or service by special court order (CCP § 413.30). We prepare the due diligence declarations, applications and proposed orders for unlawful detainer actions (CCP § 415.45), and submit them to court for consideration and filing. We file documents in all bay area courts and conduct public record searches personally or through affiliates.

Writ Services

We have been handling pre-judgment and post judgment writs of attachment and writs of execution since 1987 when the law permitted a Registered Process Server to participate in the process. I am the author of The Registered Process Server’s Guide to Service of Writ of Attachment and Writs of Execution, 3d Edition, the most widely respected source for process servers who serve writs in California. I regularly conduct seminars on the subject. I am familiar with all of the 22 types of writs of attachment and execution a Registered Process Server may serve without a special court order.

Photocopy Service

We are Registered Professional Photocopier #119 in San Francisco and prepare subpoenas, deposition subpoenas for production of business records for records depositions, foreign depositions originating in California and other states, and copy records on location with a scanner. We provide litigants with copies of the subpoenaed business records with a declaration of the custodian of records certifying them under the B&P Code § 22450, and Evidence Code § 1563.

Foreign Deposition Subpoenas

We are are able to facilitate the issuance and service of deposition subpoenas in California for actions pending in another state, and for depositions in California for cases pending in other states. We prepare the documents for presentation to the California or foreign court, the subpoena to issue, and may arrange for service throughout California and across the country. The fee runs generally runs about $300 to $400 for California depositions, including filing fees (if necessary) and witness fees. The fees in other states vary widely. Contact us through Interstate Deposition and Subpoena Service.

International Services

We are are able to facilitate the service of documents abroad through trusted affiliates in other countries if the country is has registered no objection to service with the Hague Service Convention. Otherwise, we may refer you to trusted associates who regularly facilitate service through the Central Authority of the country where service will be made. We have contacts in Mexico and other countries that may perform non-official services in situations where execution of a judgment in the foreign jurisdiction is not anticipated.

Notary Service

We also offer a traveling notary service. San Francisco and San Mateo County assignments with 24 hour notice are $55 plus the statutory Notary Fee of $10 per notarized signature. (Government Code § 8211).

Apostille and Legalization Service

We are familiar with the Certification and Apostille process necessary for some documents being sent out of the country. The full charge (Notarization trip, FedEx to and from Secretary of State to obtain certification) is $200.00 plus fees and can usually be accomplished in three days. Most Consulates require two trips; one to drop off the documents and another to pick them up a few days later. Each trip is $65.00. Apostille and Legalizations commenced after credit card payment only so that all service fees, advances and shipping may settled before the legalized documents are shipped.

Call us if you need service in the San Francisco bay area and beyond. If you need a referral to another venue, check our web site, Find a Process Server.com where we have posted over 1000 California process servers and 100s of servers throughout the country.

We also operate the Process Server Institute and conduct seminars throughout California. Check our web site for dates, times and locations.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 460038 | San Francisco, CA  94146

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4083 – 24th St., #460038 | San Francisco, CA  94114

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601 Van Ness Ave., Ste. J | San Francisco, CA  94102

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